phd candidate / digital humanist

Welcome! I’m a student at Emory University’s Graduate Institute of the Liberal Arts. My dissertation examines how public histories of the U.S. civil rights movement and South African anti-apartheid resistance “travel” locally, nationally, and globally in museums. I am particularly interested in how these museums invoke a model of world history that takes struggles (and solidarity) against oppression as a basis for global comparison. My research interests include public history and culture, American studies, digital humanities, and museum anthropology.

I’m also the digital projects coordinator at the Emory Center for Digital Scholarship (ECDS). My work—which revolves around scholarly communication, intellectual property, and data curation—involves coordinating our open access publication program. Currently, I am the digital publishing strategist for the open access, peer-reviewed journal Southern Spaces and on the editorial board for the Atlanta Studies Network, a collaborative publication that will launch in February 2015.

I’m also a community and advocacy coordinator for the Open Access Button and a community representative for the Digital Public Library of America.

You can reach me at smelton (at) emory (dot) edu.


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